Skincare Guide | Key To Flawless Skin

Skincare Guide | Key To Flawless Skin

You do not have to go for weekly facial and spend your whole paycheck on 2 products at Sephora to achieve flawless skin. Some small tweaks in your daily life and skincare routine can help a lot with achieving a glowing and healthy complexion.

Dehydration will take a toll on your skin, and so will the lack of beauty sleep. A small amount of dehydration and/or lack of sleep will cause your body to function in a less optimal way. Try to drink at least eight cups of water a day - 2000ml. If you need a reminder of the amount of water you drink, check out the HidrateSpark water bottle. It syncs to your phone and will light up to remind you to drink water.

As for sleep, try clocking in at least seven to eight hours of sleep. This will get rid of your dark circles and inflammation. We get it though, it is almost impossible to squeeze in five hours of sleep sometimes, let alone seven. On nights like these, try a dark under-eye circle removal maskThis mask works as a cooling gel pack and it is meant for soothing while you sleep.  This mask is super handy since it is reusable and very easy to travel with. Often times, when you are on the road or even on vacation and lacking a few extra hours of sleep to explore, getting this on, will help decrease puffiness, fine lines, and give you a quick cooling fix. Not to mention, this is a very clean process and nowhere near those messy drippy mask sheets.

Another great skin product that we bow down to is the rose quartz face rollerWe have talked about this product in a separate blog post when it first went viral, but even until now, we are still all obsessed with it. The roller is a great quick tool to help calm the skin. Those days when you wake up and your face is just not having it. This can help depuff and energize your skin. A super great product right before your morning cleanse. Similarly, you can also add this to your nightly routine and wake-up with a more cheerful skin.

Once a week you should consider doing a mask. Finding the right face mask will help you get rid of excess oil and improve the appearance of your pores. We recommend using a sheet mask at night in order to help your skin absorb the excess product overnight. Sheet masks help a lot with hydration and calm the skin. This will give you a more soothing and plump to your face. If you are all about natural products on the skin, check out the DIY facial sheet mask maker. You can use ingredients from your refrigerator, like lemon, orange juice, milk, cucumbers and create your own masks.  Different ingredient will help with different skin flaws you may be dealing with. And best of all, you will know what you are putting on your face! 

June 30, 2021 — AN CHINA
Monthly Round-Up: Our Favorite Spring Time Glam Looks!

Monthly Round-Up: Our Favorite Spring Time Glam Looks!

Pastels, Neutrals, and Glow! These are essentials for beauty looks this spring. We’ve been seeing a ton of beauty influencers and celebrities rocking some pretty natural looks with pops of springtime colors. Not sure what to create for your next spring time look? We’ll show you what our favorites are for this season. Wear it to a quarantine birthday, wedding, or any special day of yours.

Check them out below:

Let’s start off with this super springy look worn by Lucy Boynton! Her makeup artist, Jo Baker, created this multicolored eyeshadow look with cream and pressed matte eyeshadows. Baker said in an interview that this look was inspired by magical ice cream colors, more specifically the gelato in St. Marks Square in Venice. How cool is that!

You can recreate this look easily with our Original 88 Shadow Makeup Palette! You’ll have tons of colors to choose from and experiment with. If you recreate this look, we’d love to see it! Tag us in your makeup posts - @mymakeupbrushset - we’re excited to see!


Our fav TikToker, Addison Rae, served this rosy spring look on her instagram! Her makeup embodies that warm glow you get from being outside in the spring sun. She utilized her favorite blush to give her a flushed beachy look paired with defined mascara and a fluffy brow. It’s amazing to see how much blush can pull your face together to look more lively.

You can uses any of our blush palettes to recreate this look! Just make sure to go easy on the amount of product on your brush. With blush, a little can go a long way! You can even use your blush to bring in some pops of pink and peach to your eyes. Just dust on a bit of blush to tie your whole look together and you’ll be ready to walk the walk and talk the talk - just like Addison!


Yara Shahidi always has the best natural and glowy glams in the beauty scene. She can pull off everything, but she posted this slick eyeliner look that will definitely have heads turning. In her caption, she says that her character 'Zoey' from the show Grownish would be rocking this same look!

It’s easy to remake in any color! You can use a pastel colored eyeliner to outline the shape of your eyelid hood with a precise liner brush! It should look like a moon cut in half. If you don't have colored eyeliner, you can always make your own by mixing a liquid (water, beauty oil, serum) into a highly pigmented eyeshadow, making it into a paste and quickly lining your eyelids with it! This is a very unconventional way to do your eyes, so be prepared for those compliments! 


Don’t you love all of these looks? I can’t choose which one is our favorite… But, we can’t wait to see all of you remake these. Browse our brushes, palettes, tools, and more! Find what you need to make the look you want. Make sure to tag us on instagram with @mymakeupbrushset or use our hashtag in your posts #mymakeupbrushset so that you can be featured on our feed or Instagram Story!


May 25, 2021 — Nirav Gandhi
Top 5 Makeup looks for Blue Eyes.

Top 5 Makeup looks for Blue Eyes.

Hello there my blue-eyed beauties, I have an extra special blog today just for you! While I wasn't blessed with beautiful baby blues, I have always loved to pin and save makeup looks that really compliment those peepers and make them pop! Blue eyes aren't as common as brown and hazel, but so many eye looks make them stand out! Of course, you can use any shadows that you like, but keep in mind that certain colors will really make your eyes seem more vibrant. So, I will be sharing with you 10 of my absolute favorite eye makeup looks that will really compliment your eyes and make you look and feel like a goddess. Details of products as well as links to the photo's and tutorials will be provided below each look . I hope you lovelies enjoy!


  1. Rust and gold Smokey eyes

This beautiful look takes the boldness of a rust colored shadow with the

glow of gold and combines them into a smokey look that really gives

your blue eyes a pop to die for. You can add a wing for more of a bold

look, or just apply some straight shot liner for a beautiful look that is not

so drastic.

Products used:

Hazel-Midnight Blue Eyeshadow Palette

Brown + Black Gel Eyeliner

3D Fiber Lashes Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers Mascara In Leopard Print

3D Reusable Magnetic False Eyelashes (Half Lash)

2. Neutral Smokey Eye.

This may be the most simple way to make your jewel eyes pop! We all know of many different types of neutral, natural, or nude palettes and eyeshadow colors. This is a beautiful smokey look with the brown shadow in the outer corner and throughout the crease blended into a cream shade that is applied on the inner corner. Also, a beautifully highlighted brow bone! Look at that glow!!

Products used:

10 Color Eyeshadow Palette

3D Fiber Lashes Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers Mascara


2-In-1 Glazed Highlighter

Rose Gold Perfect Eye Shadow Blending Brush Set


  1. Rosey/Neutral Smokey eye.

A very simple everyday go-to look that is sure to turn heads, a light neutral rosey eye. The best part is that this eye can either be played up or played down. Use more dramatic colors, winged liner, and falsies to really make this look stand out!


Desert Sun Eyeshadow Palette


Pencil Eyeliner Set

Waterproof Long Lasting Eyebrow Pencil


  1. Beautiful Blue and White Smokey Eye.

One of my absolute favorite looks for a blue-eyed bombshell is the white/blue smokey eye. This combo reminds me of a beautiful sea goddess and is sure to keep all eyes (blue or not) on you. This is a gradient look for both the lid and lower lash line. Gasp! I can't control my excitement!!! This is way too gorgeous! You better come with a warning label if you wear this eye, "Warning: May cause broken hearts". </3


Dark Blue Pencil Liner 

Glitter Highlighter Eye Pens

Black Mascara 


 5. Purple Smokey Eye

When people think about colors that actually accentuate their blue eyes, purple isn't usually the first one that comes to mind. In fact, purple is almost a conflicting color, but somehow it works and gives blue eyes a beautiful hue. Here is a totally gorg purple smokey eye for you colorful and daring darlings out there!Suggested Products:

6 Color Crushed Shine Palette - Purple Shimmer

Recommended Products:

78 Color Palette in Layers

4 Piece Blending Brush

Double-Sided Brow Brush

88 Eyeshadow Makeup Palette



That's a wrap for this blog my princesses. I hope you had as much fun reading as I had typing and learning about all things blue! More to come! Pinky promise!! <3

Ice Face Roller

Ice Face Roller

A few weeks ago we tried the jade face roller and fell in love with it. Recently we picked up another handy tool that our face is begging for more. The ice roller is the new jade roller. When we first heard about it, we were a bit skeptical. What do you mean rolling ice on your face? You are probably wondering the same thing, how can ice help my skin? The idea is quite similar to the jade roller, but working at a stronger and more efficient pace.

If you have tried the jade roller before and saw a small change but hoping for more, this is definitely something you should try! If you have never tried the jade roller, but are struggling with large pores, swelling, red or puffy skin, we highly recommend adding this little tool into your skincare regime. Give it a try before heading into a photo shoot or a night out, it can help erase some of those signs of fatigue and redness. We like to use this right before bed or sometimes in the morning for a fresh wake me up. However feel free to fit this into your schedule whenever it works best. You could very well use it while you are watching an episode of Netflix.

Using the tool cannot be easier. Using a light pressure roll the device on bare skin from inside out. You can test this on your hand or arm before doing it to your face. This way you are aware of the temperature. Continue to roll outwards from the nose to jawline and then your forehead for a couple of minutes. We don’t recommend doing this for more than 10 minutes consecutively. If you are seeing change, take a brief break before starting again.

It is a super easy product to set up. One thing is remembering to put the ice application in the freezer for 30 minutes - an hour before using so it’s cold enough. For cleaning, a warm water rinses and wipe is all it takes. There are some makeup gurus who swear by this little tool! It does not take $100 serum to keep your skin glowing, it could be as simple as this $20 gadget.

Aside from being a beauty tool, there are other things the ice roller can help within your daily life!

  1. We are rolling into November now, but remember all those sunburns you suffered from after a beach day. The ice roller is a great add-on to your aloe vera gel! The cold therapy is a way to calm and cool your sunburnt area.
  2. The ice roller can also be used as ice therapy for sore muscle or headaches as well. For the muscles, the rolling movement will work as a tension reliever and massager - similar to a massage roller. The coldness is a common treatment to reduces blood flow to the injured area, it will also numb the sore tissues, acting as a local anesthetic.
  3. Treat your allergies by using the ice roller of the affected area. The cold from the roller can help calm your inflammation and reduce swelling caused by your allergies. We all have those puffy red eyes around Springtime, this although won’t get rid of your allergies completely, but can help with reducing the puffiness.
February 06, 2019 — AN CHINA
My Makeup Brush Set Holiday Gift Guide 2018

My Makeup Brush Set Holiday Gift Guide 2018


My Makeup Brush Set Holiday Gift Guide

Running around from store to store in a crowded shopping mall can be super tiring. It gets even more frustrating when you are scrambling and have no idea what to get for your girlfriends. One order from My Makeup Brush Set can easily cross a few presents off your list. Below are our top ten picks that your sister, girlfriends, mom, colleagues will sure love!

  1.  For your always travelling friend -

The compact travel carry bag is the ultimate must have for anyone who lives in a new city every week! It comes in a few different colors to choose from and it will help with always knowing where her products are!

  1. For your super organized friend -

Nothing beats getting new storage for your make-up, and you can’t never have too much storage boxes either. The acrylic cosmetic organizer fits your brushes, lipsticks, palettes perfectly. To make this a even better gift, stick a few of your favourites in the storage.

  1. For your make-up obsessed friend -

The 250 eyeshadow box will get her in aw’d! This will get her super creative with some of her make-up looks. So much to play with in this giant box of colors!  

  1. For your sister who’s just moving out/ going into school -

This three in one hair style tool is the perfect thing for living in a small space or the dorm. One tool that can blow dry your hair while removing tangles and reduce frizz, straighten hair and give you beach wave curls! It pretty much having your own salon on the go.

  1. For your secret santa gift (Under $15)

Treat your friend with a luxury set of 5 rose gold oval brushes. They will never believe it’s less than $15 but will sure be obsessed with them. They are made from synthetic hair and designed with a firm grip. It’s a perfect for everyday use for full coverage.

  1. For your mom -

The Beauty Bar Face Lift 24K Massager is something your mom can pamper herself with. It’s a step up from the stone quartz face roller. The 24K massager will help with lifting sagging skin and reduce wrinkles. It’s a super easy routine to add on to her super busy life.

  1. The MS Beauty Box is the ultimate gift. The MS beauty box is less than $15 but valued over $50. Each box will have 4-5 full size products and ranges from skincare, makeup, and lots more! If you have zero idea on what they would want for the holidays, leave it in our hands!

  1. Another great gift for under $15 -

The 12 piece makeup brush set is another popular favourites by everyone! It comes with a cute colorful case that is perfect for travelling and on the go. This is another gift that you definitely can’t go wrong with!

  1. Is your friend looking to grow her make-up stash? This 6 piece color blush palette is a must have. The six colors create a perfect contour blend. The powder is a matte touch that doesn't leave a glossy or shiny look. An everyday beauty product that will be put into great use!
  2. Another great stocking stuffer -

These camo quad concealer palette are a basic must have in the make-up drawer! You can’t go wrong with dropping this in everyone’s stocking stuffers.

February 06, 2019 — AN CHINA
New Year Beauty Resolutions

New Year Beauty Resolutions

         The new year is always a great start to make some goals and resolutions. We often think about making life goals, academic or financial goals and we forget how we can improve our daily skin and beauty routine. In today’s blog post we will be discussing a few new year resolution relating to your skin and beauty routine that should be made a priority in your life.

The first and foremost resolution - thoroughly remove makeup prior to sleeping. If you sleep with your makeup on, this already should be your number one biggest resolution. If you do a quick makeup wipe or cleanser in the shower before going to bed, it’s not enough. Often times a quick cleanser merely gets rid off all the makeup and dirt on your face. This is a easy reason for clogged pores. Try investing in a few more steps - toner, mask, exfoliating cleanser, cleansing brush are a few other methods that will help your skin. Ever have random pimples pop up when you wake up? This will definitely decrease your chance of stubborn bumps on your face.

When was the last time you washed your makeup brushes? They may look clean and do the job with applying makeup but there’s a lot more little bacteria hanging out in your brushes. Your makeup brushes should be cleaned every week or two. Just rinsing your brushes under warm water until the water run clears isn’t a very effective way to cleaning. You don’t need to invest in any fancy brush cleaners, try your body wash or baby shampoo. Swirling your brush against your palm is an excellent way to get any residue out.

If you don’t remember when you bought a makeup product that’s sitting in your drawers, it may be time to toss it out. It may still give you the cover up you need, but it is doing a lot more damage to your skin than you think. All makeup products have expiry dates. Make it a habit to check your products every few months to get rid of anything that’s been sitting around for too long. Another way to keep track is writing the date on the product with a sharpie upon purchase.

Give the bare look at try! As much as we love dolling up all the time, it’s good to give your skin sometime to breath. If you are only running a small errand during the day, put on a light tinted glowing moisturizer and call it a day. You may feel a little naked, but your skin will thank you. Once a week or every two week is more than enough. Of course, the more days off you can give your skin is obviously better. Try opting for light to no make-up looks rather than multiple coats of foundation.

Making resolutions during the new year is always important! When you look back in December 2019, which one of these will you have accomplished? If you do not usually make goals, maybe 2019 is the year to start! Happy New Year!

February 06, 2019 — AN CHINA
10 Beauty Bloggers To Follow In 2019

10 Beauty Bloggers To Follow In 2019

Beauty Bloggers you need to follow in 2019

The New year is a great time to start a few new habits, hobbies, lifestyle routines, etc. One of the best way to find inspiration is through bloggers. Every new year we love going through our Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest accounts looking for new people to follow! It's a great way to start is finding new bloggers. Here is our top 10 beauty bloggers picks that we highly recommend you follow in 2019!  

1. Temptalia is your go to for all your makeup reviews, tips, tutorials, swatches, dupes, and lots more! Not sure about a product? You will sure find a review on the product. They often post some great deals as well. It’s practically a whole community on Temptalia.

2. Canadian-based beauty-junkies, Lisamarie and Christelle, are a dynamic duo when it comes to running Beauty Crazed. They are great for critical breakdowns of the newest products! Feeling like you need to add something new to your makeup bag, just give their blog a look!

3. You may have already heard of this one, but adding it to our list, just in case you haven’t because it is definitely a worthy one to add on to your list! Looking for a good makeup look and tutorial to try out, don’t miss out on Jane Iredale.

4. Pretty Connected is one of our favourites! From beauty to fashion to travel - Lara covers it all. Not to mention we always look forward to her unboxing and new product recommendations!

5 For those looking to use more of a natural line of products on the skin this year, Live Pretty, Naturally can provide some great recommendations and tips on how to get this lifestyle started for 2019!

6. For those with curly hair and looking for some fun and chic hair inspo, Lexi with the Curls will give you some great ideas! Lexi first started on Youtube but has now expanded on to blogging about her daily challenges, along with some great tips!

7. Want to learn more about asian beauty and skincare? Check out Real Asian Beauty based in Manila, Philippines with some unique content from halfway across the world! Kristine also have weekly videos posted with reviews and unboxing!

8. Not your typical female beauty blogger but he might know more beauty tips than you! OMGBart is a male beauty blogger and features some interesting beauty products you’ve never heard of.  His most recent review on the avocado melt mask got us drooling!

9. 40 and Holding may be a Beauty, Skincare & Makeup Blog for Women Over 40, but we kid you not, you may find some super helpful information that can help you protect your skin. It is never too early to take preventive measures on keeping your skin youthful and clear.

10. Another spin at asian beauty and skincare is no other than korean beauty products. Coco Park has your latest dish on which skin care product to use! You will find some new brands and products to try - guarantee. Although she isn’t as active anymore, her past blog posts are worth digging through.

We hope you get inspired with these new additions to our following list! Not only will you find some great ideas, you are bound to find some new tricks, tips, contests, and sometimes event exclusive discount codes.

February 06, 2019 — AN CHINA