Big Fan Brush - Perfect for applying or sweeping off excess powders on the face.

Powder Brush - Used for face and body for even application of powder products. 

Blush Brush - Perfect for blush application on cheeks. Can also be used to apply highlighter or bronzer.

Contour Brush -Used to apply highlighter to cheekbones and/or bronzer to contour your cheeks, jawline and temples. 

Foundation Brush - Used for smooth application of any liquid or cream face products.

Small Fan Brush - Perfect for light application of highlighting products. 


Eye Shadow Brush - Used for concentrated application of eyeshadow products on large areas. 

Fluff Brush - Used to flawlessly blend eyeshadow products onto crease area. 

Medium Angled Shading Brush - Used to prevent any harsh eyeshadow lines and perfectly blend eyeshadow products on eyelids.

Eye Contour Brush - Used to blend eyeshadow products more precisely in concentrated areas.


Concealer Brush - Used to apply concealer on face to effectively cover up any dark spots and/or blemishes. 

Medium Eye Shadow Brush - Used for concentrated application of eyeshadow products on medium areas.

Short Eye Shadow Brush - Used for concentrated application of eyeshadow products on smaller areas such as the lash line and outer corner of the eyes. 

Smudge Brush - Used to smudge out eyeshadow products on upper and lower lash line for a perfect smoky look.

Angled Eye Shadow Brush - Used to apply eye products on upper and lower lash lines for a softer look.

Spot Concealer Brush - Perfect for spot concealing any imperfections you may have on your face.

Eyeliner Brush - Used to apply gel or cream eyeliner products on upper and lower lash line with great precision.

Lip Brush - Can be used to apply any lip products precisely onto lips to prevent from feathering out.

Precise Eye Liner Brush - Perfect for applying eyeliner products onto your tight line.

Angle Brow Brush - Used to apply eyebrow products to fill in any empty spaces on eyebrows. 

Sponge Applicator A tool with a dense, rounded sponge used for even application of challenging products. 

Smudge Eye Shadow - Perfect for smudging out any eyeliner products on upper and lower lash lines.

Lash - Can be used to separate and remove any clumps of mascara on eyelashes.

Eyebrow Comb - Used to shape and tame eyebrow hairs.

June 04, 2014 — Nirav Gandhi