Blogger Picks: All About Brow Products

There’s two thing that’s worth investing a lot of money in (speaking from a makeup perspective), these two things in my opinion are a good contour kit and anything brow related. Having #browgoals is every women's dream. Having well defined, bold, thick brows merely have boundaries. To achieve those brows, however, it definitely takes more than just a brown pencil. Let’s be honest, without these brow products, how bold and perfect can brows be? The magic behind flawless brows? Let me do you a solid, and mention a few favorites. 

A lot of people don’t use a eyebrow gel, but it can actually do a lot for you. Just like hair, we use hairspray to keep our hair in place, eyebrow gel is used to secure your brows in place the same way that hairspray does for the hair on our heads. The product is simple, it’s clear and almost look like mascara. The heavily loved product is by Anastasia Beverly Hills, The Clear Brow Gel. It’s simple to use! Apply Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel in short upward strokes as a finishing topcoat, or alone, for a clean polished look.

Next, lets talk about a good product for sculpting and carving out the brow.  Using a precision brow pencil or some prefer a cream product such as a dip brow formula really helps. If you are obsessed with brow products, chances are you already have used or currently using this product. This is one brow product you wish to have a life-time supply of. Our Pick goes to the one and only Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. This is an award winning brown pencil aka magic brown pencil that sculpt and define your brows. If you don’t have brow skills? All you need is this. It’s a ultra slim retractable pencil that can help get the sparse areas between the individual hair. For those who
needs a bit of a filler in, this is key to a natural look.

If you are looking for a little bit more dramatic and contouring for the brows. The Smashbox #Shapematters palette is what you will need! This will have everything you need because essentially, it’s a three in one kit. It has everything to sculpt your face, nose and brows. Although the whole palette is great, their brow colors are super highly pigmented, and perfect for a high arch. The colors are also complement to most skin tones. It also comes with wax, and a double ended brush.

Finally, The brow zings eyebrow shaping kit by Benefit Cosmetics is also another award-winning product that’s great for a on the go fix. It’s a fairly small palette (pocket size) and it comes with eyebrow powder and wax. There is also a mini tweezers and dual sided extendable applicator. Even though it’s small, it can do everything you need – from sculpt, shape and fill! The colors are a bit more soft than the Smashbox palette, but still highly pigmented. 

December 02, 2021 — My Brush Set Canada