10 Color Concealer Palette

$24.99 $19.99

Get a flawless look concealing blemishes and dark under-eye circles, evening your skin tone with this highly pigmented 10 Color Concealer Palette.

This palette is perfect for blending and can be used for everyday use! We know skin tones are never consistently the same shade which is why this palette is perfect for offering versatility.

You never have to worry about buying a separate concealer when your skin does go a shade darker or lighter.

  • Oil-free texture minimizes skin's imperfections, natural and silky texture.
  • Highly concentrated in pigments, they are perfect for covering dark spots and other skin blemishes and unifying the complexion, even when wearing light makeup.
  • The natural shades are especially effective to hide dark circles or puffy eyes, pigment stains, and scars.