10 Piece Mermaid Oval Brush Set

$34.99 $19.99

Our Oval Mermaid Make Up Brush Set is unique and its multi-chrome mermaid color, which catches the eye of any makeup lover.

These makeup brushes help you achieve a flawless makeup finish. The ultra-soft synthetic bristles provide a luxurious feel and provide a uniform application

They can be used to apply makeup of any formula, be it powder, cream, or liquid. 

The design allows you to grip the brush comfortably for makeup application. They pack the exact amount of product that you need and blend it into your skin like a dream, taking your makeup game to another level.

These brushes provide a professional feel to your vanity. So, get your hands on this extraordinary set. Gift it to an acquaintance who loves makeup, or keeps them for yourself.


  • Ten high-quality oval-shaped brushes for a full face makeup
  • Stunning and aesthetic mermaid color design provides a luxurious look to the brushes
  • High-density bristles to distribute product evenly and provide maximum coverage
  • The oval-shaped design provides a seamless application and effortless blending
  • Sturdy design- perfect structure for a comfortable grip
  • Synthetic brushes ensure that the environment is not harmed by something that can be made in labs


  • Set Size: 10 Brushes
  • Shape: Oval
  • Color: Mermaid Multi-Chrome Finish
  • Bristles: Synthetic Bristles