10 Piece Soft Pink Oval Brush Set

$29.99 $19.99

Our Soft Pink Oval Make Up Brush Set is designed with an oval-shaped brush, grip handle, and tilted brush tip that helps you for perfect blending foundation, blush, and powder on your face.

Our brushes help you to improve the beauty of your skin and are also a perfect collection for makeup lovers. It is compact and portable, so you can take this along with you wherever you want.

It makes a great gift for your friend, lover, family, and colleagues on Birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other special occasion. Buy our makeup brushes to get all the benefits at one price!


  • Made of synthetic hair with fine texture for long-lasting, soft, and silky touch with high density
  • There are 10 brush pieces each and every brush provides flawless coverage and the combination of these brushes help you to beautify your skin
  • Our brushes allow you to create a variety of makeup with different shapes and sizes of bristles that blend beautifully
  • Perfect for applying, shading, and blending
  • Our oval makeup brush set with an ergonomic handle gives the best control of grip while applying make-up to your face
  • Our variety of makeup brush gives a better look with instant beauty; perfect for parties, office, marriage functions, or daily use


  • Material: Synthetic Hair
  • No of brush: 10 Pieces
  • Color: Pink
  • Shape: Oval

Handle A

Dimension: (L) 11.9cm, (W) 1cm, (H) 1.1cm

Hair Diameter: 0.7cm

Weight: 10.2g

Handle B

Dimension: (L) 14.1cm, (W) 1.4cm, (H) 1.4cm

Hair Diameter: 1.2cm

Weight: 12.4g

Handle C

Dimension: (L) 14.7cm, (W) 2.2cm, (H) 1.4cm

Hair Diameter: 1.8cm

Weight: 15g

Handle D

Dimension: (L) 15.4cm, (W) 2.8cm, (H) 1.4cm

Hair Diameter: 2.5*3.6cm

Weight: 20g

Handle E

Dimension: (L) 16cm, (W) 3.4cm, (H) 2cm

Hair Diameter: 3.1*4.2cm

Weight: 29.4g

Handle F

Dimension: (L) 16.5cm, (W) 4cm, (H) 2.6cm

Hair Diameter: 3.8*4.8cm

Weight: 44.2g

Handle G

Dimension: (L) 14cm, (W) 0.7cm, (H) 1.2cm

Hair Diameter: 0.4*2.6cm

Weight: 10.2g

Handle H

Dimension: (L) 13.5cm, (W) 0.6cm, (H) 0.9cm

Hair Diameter: 0.3*1.7cm

Weight: 9.6g

Handle I

Dimension: (L) 13cm, (W) 0.5cm, (H) 0.8cm

Hair Diameter: 0.25*1.2cm

Weight: 9.2g

Handle J

Dimension: (L) 11.9cm, (W) 1cm, (H) 1cm

Hair Diameter: 0.7cm

Weight: 10g